About us

What is the Supreme White Alliance?

We at the SWA are a brotherhood of strong likeminded individuals who have united themselves under a flag of unity. We share a common belief that our race and our heritage are in danger of disappearing from existence due to the lies that come from multiculturalism. We are a group of brothers who have given themselves wholly to stand up for the rights or our race to be protected and secured for ourselves and the future generations of our children and yours. Political policies of today are continually taking away the rights of White people world wide. We at SWA see this as a growing and desperate issue. Drug use is killing our people and their future. We are dedicated to raising our children to have pride in who they are as White children. We teach them to live a life without the destructive influence of drugs.We are dedicated to bringing awareness and education to the great White people of the world as to the horrors that are consuming our great race. We at SWA have placed ourselves on the front line to stand and protect that which is of such great value…the existence of our race.

Our future:

The youth of today are falling into the hands of the enemy. Not the enemy that we see each day, but the enemy behind the scenes; the enemy that sits behind the media – the hidden "One World Order". They pollute our youth’s minds with corrupt lies of multiculturalism/cultural pluralism and diversity, turning our own kind against us and making the White race out to be America's enemy. Our youth have laid down the moral values which our forefathers had when they made this the greatest country in the world. Youth are being trained and mentored by the multicultural lies of the media to believe that their race is weak and their heritage is not worth maintaining. The lies of multiculturalism are causing our youth to pick up this black hip-hop gang mentality which is destroying their ability to have respect for themselves or anyone else. Our education system is failing, our prisons are filling. Drug addiction is out of control and our people, White people, are doing nothing about it in fear that they may be called a racist for trying to protect the future of their race. Today's youth is our only hope for the future of the white race. Our founding fathers would be sick if they could look at what America has become. Wake up White America. It is not a crime to have pride in who you are and the great heritage that you come from. It is not a crime to raise your children to be proud of who they are and to not bow down to the lies of conformity. We are a great people and should never be made to feel like anything less.

White Rights

They have Negro College Funds. They have Latino College Funds. They have Asian College Funds and so on. If the government allowed a White College Fund it would be racist. They have Black History month, Asian History Month and Hispanic History Month. If we had a White History month it would be racist. They have Martin Luther King Day. They have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi. They have Yom Hashoah. They have Kawanza. They have the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), BET, movies about black pride and black heritage. Why do they have all these things yet they are not considered racist? Why can only White people be racist for having pro-White anything? We have even lost the right to fair employment due to the Affirmative Action Laws. Blacks are allowed to get into the same colleges as any White with drastically lower SAT and ACT scores. Blacks, under the Obama health bill are now allowed to get into medical schools with lower gpa’s that whites and the United States government will give every medical school larger government grants for every black they accept. To make a long story short, you will no longer be able to put you brilliant child in medical school (or basically any college) if there is a less intelligent black who is applying for the same position. Government grants to minorities are astronomical compared to those given to the same White student from the same economic background. We at SWA know that White Rights are continually being taken away from us and we are fighting to protect and restore those rights.

Our Goals:

We have seen many groups and organizations fail in the past. Many of us in the SWA are old to the White Racial "Scene" We have battled with many and are tired of the fighting within so we have decided to build a club that will no longer be part of others infighting.

The SWA will have its own ranks and socialization. If you’re not part of the solution, then of course, you’re part of the problem. If you would like to be a part of the solution then you are welcome to contact the SWA.

We of the SWA are modernist (if you will). We respect and believe in the old ways, yet we realize that we live in a new age. As time changes, people change. We recognize that the change of today is for the worst; an age of destruction, not only for our people but for all races. The Western world is committing genocide. Our Western Civilization is falling into the hands of extinction. The White Race is 8% of the world's population. We are a dying breed. As children of this modern world we must adapt to change. If we approach a person who has never encountered a White Separatist we must approach him as a modern day individual. Not as an 80's Skinhead would have approached a young working class individual. In the 80's the Skinhead scene flourished. The reason is because they dressed accordingly and knew the feel of their times. Now as modern day Separatists, we must start a new era of the working class White youth. That is exactly what we will do.