Hate crimes reversed

Of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence each year, nearly 1,200,000 involved black-white crime, and 90% of these 1.2 million cases are committed by African Americans against White Americans. African Americans are more than 50 times more likely to commit violent crimes against White Americans than vice versa This is a brief selection of the interracial violent crimes that the Jewish-controlled media doesn't mention. Remember that when an interracial crime is committed by a White, the media gives it "front page" and "top story" attention. You heard about it when a White dragged a Black to death behind a pickup truck, in Jasper, Texas. You did not hear about it when a Black dragged a White to death behind a car in Streator, Illinios. You heard about it when a White soldier killed a Black drug pusher in Fayetteville, North Carolina. You did not hear about it when seven Black soldiers ganged up on a White soldier and stomped him until he was brain-dead, also in Fayetteville, North Carolina. You see? The Jewish media has a clearly anti-White agenda with the way it presents violent crimes on its news broadcasts and with its newspaper presses. You can't trust it to be fairly representative of the phenomenon of interracial violence. This page is intended to provide some of the information that the Jewish media either minimizes or completely covers up.

This crime did not make national headlines. Media attention was mostly limited to Kansas. You can figure it out from there. The pictures are self-explanatory, but I'll explain anyway, in case you're a stupid liberal. If two White guys with guns had kidnapped five unarmed Blacks, robbed them, raped the women, and shot them all in the head, then EVERYBODY would have heard about it and NOBODY would be calling it what the media are calling this crime: "a random act." Interracial crimes of this sort—intensely vicious, disgustingly depraved—occur almost routinely in countries such as Zimbabwe and South Africa, where Blacks have succeeded in gaining control of the political machinery. Accordingly, there is no other reasonable conclusion that crime here will approach the same condition as Blacks gain in social and political empowerment.

Related point. If even one of these Whites had had a gun, they'd have had a fighting chance to survive. If two of them had guns, their chances would have been pretty good. If they'd all had guns, the porch-monkeys would have been dead before they knew what hit them. The lesson is: Whites had better get guns, and they had better get training in using guns effectively. Another lesson: Whites had better understand and accept the fact, however impolite it seems, that Blacks represent the most concentrated part of the violent crime threat to Whites and, therefore, when a White must use a gun in self-defense, that gun will be pointing at a Black much of the time. Get used to it and don't let the "racial" aspect of it bother you—it isn't your fault when someone else acts like a savage.

I have to tell you, though, that the most disgusting thing about this crime is not the behavior of the two Blacks. The reason that we have chosen this crime as our "poster crime" for this page is that it not only illustrates the Jewish media's policy of suppressing news about violent crimes against Whites, it also demonstrates the abysmal moral degeneracy of White people. That's right: I said moral degeneracy of White people.

The Blacks only had one gun between them. They kidnapped FIVE Whites, and they left the victims' home in TWO vehicles, presumably with one nigger in each. For what might have been several hours, the Whites cooperated with their abductors, taking their money out of different bank accounts from different ATM machines. Then the Blacks drove the Whites to a soccer field, and, with the three White men just stood around while the Blacks took turns raping both of their women! Remember, the Blacks had only ONE gun! The lone Black guard could have been overpowered and disarmed by three Whites attacking simultaneously, with one of them maybe taking a wound. Once a White man had the gun, the crime would have been OVER and the Blacks would be either DEAD or headed for JAIL, depending on whether they still wanted to fight about it.

But noooo. The White guys wanted to be nice. They wanted no trouble. They didn't want anybody to think that they were racists. They were willing to look the other way while two Blacks raped their girlfriends. (See note.) You White men who are reading this: DON'T BE LIKE THESE GUYS. When a Nigger trys to hurt your woman, YOU FIGHT. When I first heard about this crime, I just wanted revenge on the Blacks; I didn't know the details, so I was unaware of the opportunities the Whites had of getting the upper hand during the crime. But now, although I still want vengeance on the Blacks, I am mostly disgusted with the White men who thought that letting stinking niggers rape their women would save their own skins, of course, they were wrong in that assumption.


Crime occurred in 1992 in South Carolina. Melissa, a young White woman, was kidnapped by a group of Blacks who raped her for several hours. Her abductors then forced her to sit in a tub of bleach, and they skinned her alive with knives. This crime was never reported in the national news media, almost certainly because the killers were Black and the victim was White. If some Klansmen had killed a Black with even one-tenth as much gruesomeness, the Jewish media would have made sure that you kept hearing about it for years.

Crime occurred on 6 October 1998 in Orange County, California by three wetbacks carrying weapons loaded with "cop killer" bullets. Auber was unarmed and his hands were in the air when he was shot. He was killed three weeks before his 21st birthday.


Crime occurred on 24 July 1998 in a state prison in Concord, New Hampshire. James Skinner, a Black prison inmate, attacked Eric and continued kicking him after he had fallen unconscious. Eric died when Skinner stomped his facial bones into his brain. Eric was 29. Skinner will be eligible for parole in 2007, thanks to his Jewish lawyer, Jennifer Sobel.


Crime occurred in 1994 in Edgewater, Florida. Don was beaten to death by a group of Blacks who used the word "cracker" repeatedly while kicking and punching him. Witnesses claim the attackers also shouted, "Let's kick this cracker to sleep".

Crime occurred on 28 June 1998 near Cleveland, Ohio. Devon was a White girl only five years old. The murderer, a Black teenager, was quoted as saying "She got what she deserved."


Crime occurred 30 May 1998 in Denver, Colorado. Brandy, a 14-year-old White girl, was kidnapped at a bus stop by seven members (including the one named) of the Black/mestizo gang called the Bloods. These non-Whites took Brandy to a remote area and took turns raping her, and then they raped her with a broom handle. Finally, they stabbed her 28 times with a knife and dumped her body in a ditch.


Crime occurred on 20 October 1996 in Media, Pennsylvania. Aimee, a young White coed George Mason University student (age 22), was in her car when the murderer, a Black man, caused a collision between his vehicle and hers. When she got out to examine the damage, Bomar attacked her with a crowbar and beat her to death. He then removed the clothing from her corpse and raped it. Afterward he threw her body into an empty lot. The crime was minimized by the national media, though it was reported in Philadelphia and in Washington DC.


Crimes occurred throughout 1996, 1997 and 1998. In October 1998, police in Poughkeepsie, New York, found the women's rotting corpses inside the home of Francois, a Black man who was working as a hall monitor at a local high school (Affirmative Action). Francois had picked up the woman as his dates and, after taking them to his bedroom, strangled them after sex. Although some of the bodies had been in the house, rotting and stinking up the place for more than a year, Francois parents and his sister denied that they knew about the corpses in the house. The only area in which these crimes were mentioned was the metro area of New York City. (Suppose the killer had been a White man. Do you suppose it might have gotten just a little more publicity?)


Crimes occurred in the spring of 1998 in Wilmington, Delaware. A Black man named Flagg, after using crack, entered a nice White neighborhood when he saw Mrs. Puglisi in her garden, working. He entered the home through the back door, helped himself to the food in the refrigerator, and waited. When Mr. Puglisi came home, Flagg shot him dead. Flagg then kidnapped Mrs. Puglisi and took her to his own home, where he kept her tied up for days while he raped and otherwise molested her. Fortunately, Mrs. Puglisi managed to escape and called the police. This crime was blacked out everywhere, except in the area of Wilmington.


Crime occurred on 16 October 1998 in Burlington, North Carolina. Tiffany, age 10, was abducted from a sidewalk near her home by three Black teenagers - Joseph Jones (13), Harold Jones (16) and Dorthia Bynum (17). The Blacks took Tiffany behind the garage of a house in a neighboring block and tied a television cable around her neck. The Black males then raped and sodomized the little White girl, and, when they were done, the Black female took a broomstick and rammed it through Tiffany's vagina into her chest cavity, killing her. The news was reported only by the local media, who claimed that race had nothing to do with it.


Crime occurred on 25 October 1998 in Houston, Texas. Peggy, age 25, was leaving her home that morning when the Hispanic killer ran up and shot her twice in the face. The murder occurred in front of the victim's six year-old daughter. The crime was reported in the Dallas-Houston area, but it was hushed up outside of Texas.


Crime occurred on 17 August 1998 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Tracy Lambert (age 18) and Susan Moore (age 25) were coming home from work when they were abducted by members of the Black/mestizo Crips gang. The crime was a part of an initiation ceremony in which new members of the gang were required to kill a White person. The gang members, possibly with a phony friendly smile, persuaded the women to stop their car. They then took possession of the vehicle and locked the two women in the trunk. The gang members drove the car to a vacant field near Fort Bragg, took the women from the trunk and made them kneel on the ground. The gang initiates then shot the women in the head.


Crime occurred 15 April 1998 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mrs. Prazniak, a 77 year old widow, was attacked in her home by a 27 year old Black man, who demanded money. She didn't have any, so he killed her. After killing Mrs. Prazniak, the Black wrapped her body in plastic, stuffed it into a cardboard box, and shoved the box into a closet in the bedroom. The Black then looted the place, but then, instead of leaving, he called some of his friends and turned Mrs. Prazniak's home into a crack-house. This crime was blacked out, except in parts of Minnesota.


Crime occurred on 9 December 1998 in Orlando, Florida. Mark, age 16, a student at a local high school was attacked by three Black men who had illegally entered the school campus (they were not students there). After introducing themselves by making a false accusation of some kind, one of the Blacks - Omar Witt - bashed Mark in the head, killing him. The murder made the news briefly in Florida, but it was hushed up elsewhere.


Crime occurred on 10 August 1998 in Alton, Illinois. Richard, a 48-year-old White man, entered a Black neighborhood to inquire about his stolen TV set. He was attacked by residents of that neighborhood, while other residents cheered and shouted encouragement to the attackers, who beat and kicked Mr. Skelton until he was dead.


Crime occurred in the summer of 1998 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Donald, a 25-year-old White soldier assigned to Fort Bragg, was beaten and kicked in the face so badly by seven Black soldiers that his mind was destroyed, leaving him in a permanent "vegetable" state. The media chose to black out any news coverage of this attack, although they gave lengthy national publicity to another crime involving a Black drug dealer killed by a White solder, in this very same town.


Crime occurred on 1 August 1998 in Streator, Illinois. Patricia, a 46-year-old White woman, was abducted by a Black man who had stolen a car belonging to one of her friends. The Black man tied Ms. Stansfield to the car's rear bumper and proceeded to drag her across a two-mile stretch of Highway 18 as he drove from Streator into the countryside. The dragging caused Ms. Stansfield to die. The media blacked out any coverage of this murder, although they had sensationalized a very similar murder in Jasper, Texas, involving a White killer and a Black victim.


Crime occurred on 13 August 1999 in Jacksonville, Florida. Gregory, a 50-year-old White man, was walking down a sidewalk, when several young Black men decided to attack him, apparently on a whim. The Blacks beat and stomped Mr. Griffith until he was comatose, and he died in the hospital (Jacksonville University Medical Center) on 26 August 1999.


Crime occurred on 25 August 1999 on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near Martin, South Dakota. Brad was a White man, age 21, who made the mistake of having a few drinks with some friendly-looking Indian young men. An argument began - the subject of the dispute seems to have involved Brad's wife - and the Indians chose to settle it by trying to kill Brad. They tied him up, kicked him in the face with steel-toed boots, and then they put a rope around his neck and dragged him behind a pickup truck. Brad survived, but the Indians believed that he was dead when they left him in some weeds on the Reservation. The local sheriff (Russell Waturbury of Bennett County) called it a hate crime. Federal agents, on the other hand, said that they aren't quite sure that it qualifies for "hate crime" status. Wonder why not?


Crime occurred on 29 August 1999 near the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The young White woman, a student at the university, was walking just outside the campus when six members of an Asian gang drove up beside her. They grabbed her off the street and dragged her into their van, where they tore off her clothes and began raping her. At some point during the assault, she managed to break free and tried to escape. However, the Asians pursued and caught her, returned with her into the van, and victimized her again while screaming anti-White racial epithets in her ears. Boulder police later arrested the Asians, who confessed to the crime. One of them said that he had specifically sought a White woman to be his victim. News coverage of this crime was strictly confined to the local area of Boulder, Colorado.


Crime occurred on 26 September 1999 in Rogers, Arkansas. Two adult homosexuals kidnapped Jesse, a 13-year-old boy, off the street and took him to their apartment. They drugged him and gagged him. And then they raped him to death. Jesse's body was found in a pool of blood on the apartment floor. The news about this brutal rape and murder was strictly confined to the local area of Rogers, Arkansas. (On the other hand, the killing of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual who made the mistake of looking for a "date" in the wrong bar, is still receiving national news coverage more than a year after it happened.)


Crime occurred in March 2000 in Michigan. Both the murderer and the victim were in the first grade, probably about six years old. The murderer was a Black child who had brought a gun to school from the crack-house he lived in. The gun had been stolen earlier by one of the adult Blacks who also lived there. The shooting occurred in the classroom. The Black child who did the shooting had a previous history of assaulting White children, on one occasion stabbing a classmate with a knife. Immediately before the Black boy pulled the trigger of his pistol to kill the little White girl, he reportedly told her "I hate you." The media gave some limited coverage of this murder, but concealed the fact that the killer was Black.


Crime occurred on 22 February 2000 in Independence, Missouri. The victim was a six-year-old White boy. Kim Davis, age 34, stole a car belonging to Jake Robel's mother. Davis attempted to push Jake out of the car, but did not halt when it became clear that the boy was caught in his seat-belt. Davis dragged Jake along the road for about four miles at speeds up to 80 miles per hour, causing the child's death. The news media did report this crime, except that it concealed the fact that the murderer is a Black man.


What we want the visitors to this web page to understand is this: it is not possible that the media slant on the reportage of interracial crime is an accident. This bias is methodical, it is the result of calculation, and it is hostile to White people. What might the media's purpose be with the selective, unrepresentative presentation of racial violence?

In regard to the crime in which three Indians tried to kill Brad Young in South Dakota, the Jewish media chose to minimize the story, instead of attempting a total cover-up as they did with the dragging murder of Patricia Stansfield (see above) or the gang-shooting murders of Susan Moore and Tracy Lambert (see above). If you want to see the media's "hate crime" myth-making engine in high gear, go to this page and notice the waffling of the FBI on whether this was a "hate crime" with sophistry that was so absent when some Whites had dragged to death a Black ex-convict in Jasper, Texas. Where was the uncertainty then? Notice, also, that ABC News felt obliged to mention old crime stories in which members of the "politically correct" groups (gays, blacks) were harmed by Whites. The media display no similar inclination to bring up old news stories about White victims of racial violence in order to provide a similar "balance" to crimes committed by Whites, now, do they?

The Jews ceaselessly promote the fraud that racially motivated crime is mainly perpetrated by White people. Their TV media "talking heads" broadcast this myth to the public, and they write pseudo-scholarly books to present the fiction in print. For example, in the Spring-Summer 2000 Trade Catalog of Prometheus Books, on page 29, appears the following book review:

Definitions, Causes & Solutions
The kidnapping and beating death of a gay University of Wyoming student; the dragging death of a black man in Jasper, Texas, by advocates of "white pride"; these two isolated incidents of violent crime are recent reminders that bigotry and prejudice stubbornly remain well-entrenched in American culture. What can be done to overcome this subversive social undercurrent? Updated and augmented with new essays on crimes against religious groups, gay bashing, and current court cases, this is a concise and relevant collection of essays that pinpoints the definitions, origins, and outcomes of intolerance in America. Includes Jean-Paul Sartre, Peter Singer, Cornel West, and others.
300 pp * ISBN 1-57392-748-1 * Paper $18.95

All of the examples of "hate" mentioned in the review are "politically correct" ones. The book is part of a "Contemporary Issues" series, mostly edited by Baird and Rosenbaum, that pretends to offer "both sides" of various controversies in an "objective" manner. But notice the obvious anti-White bias in the review. I haven't read the book, so maybe these Jews have chosen to include a proportionate number of stories about crimes in which Whites were the victims of Blacks, mestizos, Asians and homosexuals. If someone happens to buy this book and reads about the grisly fates of Patricia Stansfield or Jesse Dirkhising, we'd appreciate an EMAIL It's not chance that the reviewers include only violent acts with sexually normal White male aggressors — it's a deliberate deception. Whites are not merely also the victims of violence — Whites are, by far, more often the victims. Not one word is said in the review about the young boy, Jesse Dirkhising, who was raped to death by two homosexuals in Arkansas. Wonder why not? Not one word was said about any of several dragging deaths of White people by Black killers. Wonder why not? The Jewish dishonesty about who the haters are is rampant, and White people will certainly either awaken to their danger or perish as a race.